Medusa (Sickrage) sous le coup d’une plainte DMCA


Medusa is currently having issues because of a false DMCA request that was sent to Github. We have countered this notice and are waiting to hear back from them.

Because of this none of the developers from Medusa, Sickrage and SickGear are able to access our repos so there won’t be any updates at all until this is all sorted. We hope you all understand and we’re very sorry for the current situation.

Bref. Encore une journée sur Internet.


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23/07/2017 09:17

La plainte concerne medusa, sickrage et sickgear mais il semblerai que ça ne soit pas « grave », juste un drama avec un ancien dev régulier :

09/08/2017 13:18

Lu sur SickRage is back up! A false DMCA takedown request was sent to GitHub about two weeks ago, that resulted in multiple GitHub repositories, including SickRage, to be taken down. We’re happy to report that we’re back up and running. If you installed SickRage using a mirror of our repository, or switched your installation to get updates from… Lire la suite »